City of Paris renews Jardin d’Acclimatation concession with LVMH in collaboration with Compagnie des Alpes

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The Paris city council awarded on September 26th, by a large majority, the Jardin d’Acclimatation concession to an 8020 partnership between the LVMH group, which has been managing it since 1984, and Compagnie des Alpes, a major player in the field of development and management of theme parks. This new concession has been agreed for a total of 25 years, around a particularly ambitious project.

The project is based on two concepts: the first being absolute respect for the tradition, the image and the identity of the oldest attraction park in France, and one that has been enticing generations of visitors since the second Napoleonic Empire, and the second being an extensive programme to modernise and diversify its activities, to rejuvenate and embellish the landscape and to restore its heritage. This dual objective will bring a new dimension to this unique place in Paris, accelerating a transformation process which is already underway with the establishment of the Fondation Louis Vuitton. Eighteen attractions will be created (9 will be free) and 26 existing attractions will be renovated.

Remaining entirely faithful to the public service mission of the park, the educational workshop programme will be developed, taking into account the role of new technologies, of proposed sporting and cultural events, often with free admission, accessibility to all and including dining facilities, redesigned to appeal to all different tastes and aspirations.

All these developments will remain faithful to the original spirit of the garden. It’s architectural heritage dating from Napoleon III’s era, one of the largest and most complete of its kind in the capital, will be enhanced, while its historic landscaping, created by landscape gardener Barillet-Deschamps will be restored. The garden staff, currently numbering 250, will remain the same or increase, and working conditions will be improved by the creation of a building which will bring together all the offices and workshops, as well as changing rooms, a canteen and common rooms under one roof.

The garden is an important part of the attractiveness of Paris and the region. With a target of 2.5 million visitors a year, it will become an important attraction for both Parisians and tourists. “The ethos of the garden is very much a reflection of LVMH values: innovative but respectful of heritage,” said Bernard Arnault, Chairman and CEO of the LVMH group.

The garden has partnered with the Compagnie des Alpes, a subsidiary of Caisse des Dépôts to improve its offering. “I am delighted that the Compagnie des Alpes will be able to provide its expertise and be associated with this splendid project in which we have a shared ambition” explains Dominique Marcel, CEO of the organisation. Through this partnership LVMH, the world leader in luxury, will be able to rely on the know-how of the foremost French theme park operator.