Department Manager Dior Femme

  • Società: Christian Dior Couture SA
  • Luogo: Italy
  • Settore di attività: Moda e Pelletteria
  • Tipo di contratto: Lavoro a tempo indeterminato
  • Mestiere: Retail
  • Esperienza richiesta: Almeno 2 anni
  • Codice identificativo: CDC02370
  • Data di pubblicazione: 27.02.2019


Attached to the Store Manager and Assistant Store Manager, the Department Manager Dior Femme will have a very operational role, and be responsible for the following missions on Femme Department in the boutique of Venice: >  Managing the staff with the Store Manager and Assistant Store Manager. He or she will be in charge of coaching the team and developing talents on a daily basis. >  Maximizing sales results as well as various performance indicators on the product categories >  Stimulating sales based on a very good knowledge of the world of luxury and fashion. The person possesses top meeting and greeting skills for an exclusive clientele, and guarantees an impeccable and innovative customer service. >  Managing a portfolio of local and international clients. It is of the most importance that this person possesses excellent interpersonal skills and is able to create a long-term relationship based on trust and good communication. >  Being involved in purchasing and restocking in connection with the Store Manager and the Assistant Store Manager on his or her categories. >  Supervising stock management on his or her categories, organization (incl. inventory) and maximization. He or she will also be responsible for implementing, controlling, and monitoring Boutique's procedures within the shop. >  Complying with the Company's charter and overall prevailing codes and procedures.


This position will suit a candidate with a very good communication skill level, totally fluent in Italian, English, and ideally a third language. He or she possesses a proven experience of at least 5 years in the world of luxury and high-segment as a manager of a luxury store. A quick-minded and energetic person, he or she has sensitivity towards the world of fashion, and a highly service-based sales approach. A charismatic person, he or she has fine abilities to listen, and knows how to combine rigor and professionalism. In addition, this person is an excellent manager with practical experience, who enjoys working in the retail world. He or she has a sense of fellow feeling and can be a humble and exemplary person. It is a person with practical abilities and life skills. Finally, he or she will be imaginative enough to create magic around the brand. A smart appearance is required for this committed and proactive person geared towards sales results and management.

Moda e Pelletteria

Maison con un patrimonio unico e nuovi marchi emergenti fanno parte di questa eccezionale divisione. Ognuna delle loro creazioni diventa un oggetto del desiderio, che trascende il tempo.

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