• Società: Bulgari S.P.A.
  • Luogo: Italy
  • Settore di attività: Orologi e Gioielleria
  • Tipo di contratto: Lavoro temporaneo
  • Mestiere: Sistemi informativi
  • Esperienza richiesta: Almeno 2 anni
  • Codice identificativo: BULG03753
  • Data di pubblicazione: 11.06.2019



Guarantee the full availability of the ICT (Information & Communications Technology) systems and applications, adapting them whenever necessary to the changes in Business requirements. Ensure an high level of customer service for maintenance & operation services.



  • Maintain and upgrade of all Local IT/ICT (Information & Communications Technology) systems
  • supporting business processes and upgrade of local IT Infrastructure.
  • Manage relevant diagnosis, intervention or dispatching and user support on every kind of technical (Hardware, office applications, e-mail, servers and network systems at relevant level) and application issue (Functional/Reporting/Intranet Applications).
  • Provide and set up of necessary resources (hardware, software, infrastructure) for new system delivery and actively support corporate project roll-out on field.
  • Lead maintain and support local projects according to business need.
  • Participate to corporate projects for the innovation/enhancement of the support and knowledge sharing processes, procedures and tools.
  • Observe the established quality and procedural guidelines, once the implementation is live.
  • Implement support and maintain the Videosurvellaince infrastructure.
  • Manage purchasing and vendors selection procedures.
  • Suggest solutions/improvements about the Application usage and propose.
  • Innovations/improvements of the support process and tools.
  • Guarantee the application of the Corporate IT Policies and Standards.



  • Knowledge of main operational flows and procedures related to the applications
  • Knowledge of multiple Business Application modules, relevant to the supported processes



  • Customer Orientation
  • Analysis
  • Innovation
  • Self Development
  • Business awareness
  • Flexibility
  • Role Competencies

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