Team Leader - Fashion

  • Società: DFS Italia S.r.L. (Italy)
  • Paese/area geografica: Italy
  • Settore di attività: Distribuzione selettiva
  • Tipo di contratto: Lavoro a tempo indeterminato
  • Mestiere: Direzione generale
  • Esperienza richiesta: Almeno 5 anni
  • Codice identificativo: DFS00244
  • Data di pubblicazione: 02.10.2019


>  Assist the PSM to align the customer experience to the company vision - exceptional people delivering exceptional product. >  Lead, inspire and celebrate exceptional customer experiences. >  Assist the PSM to drive sales: action sales, clearance, promotions, and incentive targets with passion. >  Work with the PSM on ways to increase and continually improve your team productivity results in: >  Conversion of customers from non-buying to buying; >  Spend per transaction, and Average Units per Sale (AUS). >  Supervise your sales floor: Support a high energy, positive floor experience for staff and customers. >  Observe, coach and react to what is happening around you to continually improve the customer experience and team productivity. >  Manage team visibility on the shop floor for optimal staffing and floor coverage. Liaise with AGM Sales on staff coverage and scheduling needs; schedules to be provided by Talent Scheduling Co-ordinator for the location. >  Work with the PSM to effectively partner with the Platinum Services team and enhance the customer experience. >  Ensure Team the Sales Associates have clear goals and objectives which remain focused on the customer experience and productivity targets. >  Supervise, coach and train the sales team on a daily basis to assist them to consistently grow in skills, confidence and effectiveness in their roles. Includes proactively coaching sales staff with a focus on enhancing the customer experience and delivering the DFS vision of exceptional people delivering exceptional product. This also includes coaching on the sales team's continual improvement and refinement of sales techniques and product knowledge, and effective translation into customer penetration and staff productivity results. >  As well as coaching for skill enhancement, share success stories and tips among the sales team, proudly demonstrating that we have exceptional people delivering exceptional product to our customer. >  Assist the PSM in sales staff retention, development and job satisfaction levels. Provide effective team supervision through open communication, training, coaching and active encouragement of the sales team to meet or exceed location sales and profitability targets, while role modeling desired behaviors. >  Work with your PSM Sales to identify future potential Team Leads and ensure development plans for this talent. >  Work with the PSM to ensure corrective action is taken to improve unsatisfactory performance, adhering to local TM requirements. >  Assist in the preparation and delivery performance appraisals providing relevant and specific feedback. >  For training sessions and materials used by you and your team, provide feedback on training effectiveness to your PSM. >  Participate in recruitment and selection of sales staff as required. Product Management >  Assist the PSM in their role as a primary communication link between product merchants and the customer through providing feedback and assisting with preparation for merchant calls when required. >  Maintain a very high standard of product and brand knowledge for your area, and ensure the same from your team >  Maintain floor presentation to meet or exceed brand and DFS requirements >  Provide feedback to your PSM to support the development and execution of merchandise strategy including promotions, seasonal buys, etc as required. >  Assist to set and maintain appropriate Presentation Stock (PS) levels >  Facilitate the interests of the best clients via the product and customer experience. General >  Complete internal reports and participate in various projects as/when required. >  Communicate with your PSM on relevant store issues. >  Supervise team compliance with all company policies and procedures, Customs regulations and relevant trading laws, raising any concerns or issues to your PSM.


>  Degree or an equivalent combination of education and experience sufficient to successfully perform the essential functions. >  Work Experience: 1-2 years of experiences leading teams within retail/service industry preferred. >  Fluency in English and a second language is preferred (Mandarin, Russian, Japanese, ect..) >  Proficiency in Microsoft based applications. >  Strong interpersonal skills, solution based, energetic, team-oriented, ability to multitask, composure under pressure, keen to learn. >  Professional in appearance, demeanor and language. >  Must have strong interpersonal skills and be able to work well with people at various levels. >  Function as a resourceful and proactive team member >  Must be able to have a flexible schedule as required by the needs of the business >  Possesses an outgoing and assertive personality and a desire to lead and inspire their teams. >  Possess a passion for the brands and products they represent.

Distribuzione selettiva

Poiché ogni cliente è unico, i marchi della divisione Distribuzione Selettiva del Gruppo offrono a ciascuno un'esperienza d'acquisto altrettanto unica.

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