Visual Merchandising Manager

  • Società: Sephora Italy
  • Luogo: Italy
  • Settore di attività: Distribuzione selettiva
  • Tipo di contratto: Lavoro a tempo indeterminato
  • Mestiere: Merchandising
  • Esperienza richiesta: Almeno 5 anni
  • Codice identificativo: SEPH02251
  • Data di pubblicazione: 15.05.2018


The Visual Merchandising Manager will be the custodian of the development and implementation of the optimal store/categories/brands layout (in terms of shopper flows within the store, categories and brand space allocation, visibility in store) with the final objective of maximizing sales and loyalty via developing a stimulating shopping experience in store. New Store concept implementation in Italy Store Layout planning / Store remodelling and new openings - Definition and implementation of the optimal store layout according to the HQ strategies - Store lay-out construction and development with Autocad system >  Processing and defining merchandising corner plans/tools (i.e. mat alu, towers etc.) >  Development of visual merchandising materials >  Visual/ Bandeaux/Supply management >  Participating to the Store's start-up Categories/Brands space allocation: - Development and implementation of Visual Merchandising guidelines: o Updating of the guide lines on the bases of the existing tools o Definition of visual merchandising for special projects ( e.g. To define the selection for foundation and lips) o To identify some spaces for implementing animation stands, rooms and other services (e.g.: nail bar, hair bar, etc.) o To implement reading tools in clusters - Definition and implementation of the optimal category / brand space allocation (skin care, make up, parfum). Keeping it updated according to the market dynamics requirements - Introduction of new Brands/Category segments and their space definition / visibility tools - Special project management (seasonal, category project...) - Development of in store visibility tools HQ special projects - Being the point of contact with the HQ merchandising department for the implementation of special projects in the country Merchandising Budget control - be the owner of the merchandising budget - manage the relationship with all the merchandising materials suppliers, ensuring to get the right prices / quality / lead times - controlling of the expenses and reporting of them to the finance department


REQUIREMENTS - From 5 to 10 years of working experience in similar positions - Degree in Economics/Marketing studies or design/architecture degree (in this second case a master in Marketing or related field could be considered as a plus) - A good proficiency of Autocad system is mandatory - business acumen - Strong experience at managing teams and strong leadership skills - Attention to details - Problem solving - Communicative ability with several internal and external stakeholders HIERARCHICAL AND FUNCTIONAL LINKS The position reports to the Retail Marketing Manager INTERNAL AND EXTERNAL RELATIONSHIPS The position requires to collaborate and coordinate the activities with the following roles: - Area managers - Store managers - International Merchandising managers - Brands - Real estate - Supply Chain - Purchase department

Distribuzione selettiva

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